Wilco Enterprises Ltd

We know what you want, because we are watch lover also


About Us

We are 3 of experienced global purchasers, mechanical engineers and jewelry designers and We are also watch lovers and product users.

We believe that the watch is the only jewelry for men, and it must be able to show its unique personality.
We use our own expertise and design to create some unique high-quality watch accessories.
And the order to allow more watch lovers and players enthusiasts to share our creations and ideas, in 2006 under the support and encouragement from many friends, the OfficialTime product design company was born in this background.
To ensure that our products can fully meet the expectations of users, we have gathered many experts and technicians, and continue to collect and search for the best materials and excellent manufacturers worldwide.
We have only one goal: to make products with excellent functions, unique designs, and individuality, and to make every effort to satisfy those smart watch lovers and collectors.

Please visit our official website, there are more detail and products available for Rolex : www.officialtime.org